What is The Gathering? // TIM HUGHES

Wherever Jesus went he turned everything upside down. The first shall be last, blessed are the poor, washing the feet of his disciples. When the presence of God invades earth the same happens - our priorities change, the sick can be healed - the upside down kingdom. We believe God is wanting to grab hold of our attention, to speak to us, mobilise us, equip and empower us to bring about radical change. And it’s going to start when our hearts catch a vision for Jesus.
Worship Central and 247 Prayer are coming together for a few days for prayer, worship, teaching and training, so we can catch a vision for what God is wanting to do in our nation and throughout the world.

The Gathering is here in Birmingham, on the 26th - 28th October, at the incredible ICC where we’ll all be together with amazing contributors such as Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle and Danielle Strickland. Then on Saturday 28th at Gas Street Church we’ll have a more focused training day for worship leaders and musicians where we’ll be getting a fresh vision for our ministry.
We’re expecting over 2,500 people to be at The Gathering so come and book on. Can’t wait to see you there!