Revive Us (Heavy Rain) // song story + single out now

Capturing our heart to see God revive the earth, Luke and Anna Hellebronth’s new single Revive Us (Heavy Rain) is out now!

Born initially out of a spontaneous worship moment at 'The Week' this song has been in the works for some time. The song has been influenced by the contribution of six writers including Nick Herbert, Brenton Brown, Tim Hughes and Willie Weeks. Luke and Anna feel that although it took some time, there is a Godly timing on this single.

“I think captures our heart cry…what we wanna see the holy spirit do - to revive us, awaken us” - Luke

Luke, Anna and the team at Gas Street Church have been leading the song for a little while now and the church has really been connecting with it on an amazing and deep level.

“Every time we get to that bridge the room just erupts because it’s hitting a nerve”  - Anna

Revive Us (Heavy Rain) is available to stream on Spotify, Google Music and available for purchase at Amazon and iTunes. Check out the video above for the full story behind the song.

Our prayer is that this song would help people to engage with the power of the Holy Spirit afresh!