Canada: A Recap & A New Year Ahead

What does it look like to lead and live from a place of love? What are the keys to success in a life of worship and worship leading? What wisdom can be gleaned for wild and passionate leaders from the book of Proverbs? How can worship leaders and senior pastors partner together to build a culture of worship in our churches? How does worship overflow into justice, evangelism, and mission? How can we survive worship ministry for the long haul? And, perhaps most memorably: can the floor of a century-old heritage building support the weight of 700 passionate worshippers jumping up and down?

The answer the final question is a (tentative) yes - so long as you are able to direct the impassioned crowd to evenly disperse around the room instead of crowding the stage while jumping. The answer to the first series of questions? Well, that’s a bit more nuanced - and far more profound. It was these and countless impactful questions that we dove into together in autumn 2015 during Worship Central Canada’s first ever national conference.

On a crisp November weekend this past year, 700 church and worship leaders gathered in a packed-out Coastal Church in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Team Canada was honoured to welcome Worship Central’s co-founder Tim Hughes, Christy Nockels (Passion), Jad Gillies (Hillsong United), and Mark Counihan (Worship Central South Africa) to Canada’s west coast for our inaugural conference. It was a truly incredible weekend of worship, training, teaching, and community. Have a look at the highlights on the video below.

While conference was certainly the highlight of our year, 2015 was a big year for Canada as a whole. From British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Edmonton, Alberta, to the Greater Toronto Area and out east to Prince Edward Island, we hosted gatherings to worship, learn, and support one another; we saw local churches across the country embrace the Worship Central Course as a valuable and integrated tool; we ran numerous trainings for vocalists, guitarists, and songwriters; and hosted the songwriting cafe, making space for new songs and fresh creativity.

There is no question: God is at work in us, in our churches, in our cities, across our nation, and in the world. As we look back on all that happened last year, we can’t help but be filled with anticipation for what 2016 has in store! Our leadership team gearing up through prayer for another full and beautiful year. We can’t wait to worship and grow more together, and continue to encounter God, equip the worshipper, and empower the local church.




Alida Oegema for Team Canada

January 2016