Stir A Passion // Josh Gauton

There is always more. Much more. More of God that we haven’t fully known or experienced - of his love, his compassion, his kindness. More that he can and wants to do, of which we’ve only seen glimpses.

The call of a follower of Jesus is to look beyond the horizon - beyond the narrowing circumstances of our lives into his goodness and into a bigger vision of what Jesus meant when he prayed ‘Your kingdom come'.

And this is true in every season, wherever you find yourself. For the person who is counting their blessings, full of faith and has known the closeness of God walking with them - there is still much more. Equally, for the person who feels like they’re standing on their last legs, at the end of themselves battling what feels like an endless onslaught - there is more. Don’t throw in the towel, just bring the little you have.

So the cry is simply this - stir a passion in my heart, God.

Passion for him, passion for the kingdom. Eyes to see things how he sees them, to see people (ourselves included) in the way that he sees us. This is vital - we live in the pale shadows of the full potential of our existence if we aren’t hungering and seeking after more.

All of this starts at the feet of Jesus. In his presence, in worship, admiring his beauty and wonder. In this place we have our vision enlarged and our hearts connect with the heart of God, catching something of the fiery passion that burns in him. Like an ember that quickly turns into a flame, we need that passion consume us and in the overflow, from that place of abundance, it will touch all those around us. Our neighbours, colleagues, families, churches and our cities - not just for ourselves.

Today, let this be your prayer and your priority; “Stir a passion in my heart, let it overflow”




Josh Gauton
WC Worship Leader & Creative Director