Let The Light In - Worship Central AUNZ


This collection of songs has been a real labour of love for both Andy and I as well as a bunch of our key crew from both AU & NZ. We have had a few very fun and productive songwriting retreats over the last few years, and on the most recent one we wrote and demo’d a significant list of new songs. As we arrived at the beachfront home that would be our creative space for a few days, we felt really encouraged to just simply enjoy music together and to worship and write out of that simplicity. We wanted to explore music, melodies and sonic ideas that we personally loved and felt excited about. It was a great few days. So much fun. 

So out of that process we chose six songs and a few local producers to collaborate on this project. Our goal has been to not only release new songs, but release the producers and writers involved to create music that they love and moves them to worship. So this is where we have landed. We are really proud of the guys involved - the songs are honest, and the production is authentic to who we are in our local context. We of course dream that these songs would stretch wider that the southern hemisphere, and hope that you guys are blessed by them as well as many others.


Nikki Fletcher

Director // Worship Central Australia


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