The Worship Central Course is a seven session course that looks at some of the big theological and practical issues around leading worship in the 21st Century. We are passionate about the power of worship to transform our communities and have designed the course to equip, empower and encourage worship leaders and teams to be as effective as they can be.
It is for anyone and everyone. The course is particularly geared towards worship teams, however anyone that is passionate about worship can do the course.
1. Download the Leaders Guide (in 'How To' section) // 2. Plan your dates // 3. Register your course // 4. Download the Material // 5. Just get going!
It's really easy. Click on a course session title which will reveal a button that says 'Login to access materials', if you click on that you will then be taken through the registration process.
Anyone who’s up for it! Or if you want to sit back and relax you could watch the videos hosted by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon.
Wherever takes your fancy. The course is designed for anyone to use, anywhere… whether it is in your church, living room or on the beach.
The course comprises of seven course sessions which you can either run on a weekly basis or over a period of a few months, or even a year! Some people do all seven session in one weekend. It’s really up to you how you structure your course.
The downloadable Leaders Guide (in 'How To' section) gives a detailed explanation of how to get started with running the course and what a session entails. Hopefully all your questions will be answered there but if you have any more questions please contact us at [email protected]
The Worship Central Course is translated into a few different languages. Here on the website, we currently have the Course ready to download in English, German and Dutch. Spanish, French, Norwegian, Malay and Russian are all coming to the website soon - watch this space!
Nothing at all. It's all free (but we do accept chocolates)!
This session tackles the big issue of why worship is at the heart of everything that we are called to do as people passionate about Jesus and why worship is our highest priority flowing from everything we do.
This session looks at the values that are essential to leading worship. It explores six key biblical values that form the foundations for any healthy worship team.
This session looks at the basic practicalities of leading worship. Wanting to help us sharpen our thinking in leading worship it looks at three questions, how am I preparing? What is God doing? And where are we growing?
The Releasing Creativity session tackles the nitty gritty of songwriting and creativity and how we can have a vision for the arts as well as how everyone can be involved in it.
This session looks at what it takes to work together as a team for the long run so that our teams are an amazing blessing to our communities.
This session is a really practical one looking at how to work together as a band as well as looking at musical dynamics.
This session looks at 6 key principles of leadership, and addresses how we can be authentic leaders and tune our lives for God.