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Martin Smith Horror Moment

9 Jun 2010

Check out one of the best horror moments we've had at Worship Central. Live from London 2010, Martin Smith has a nice suprise from his keyboard. Click the image to watch now!

Despite personal opinions whether physical appearance takes value when choosing members of worship teams, God does take my face into consideration. This value, whether great or small, does not aid nor hinder the creation of tonal, diatonic or even atonal music compositions of worship and praise.

God requires a song of worship from our hearts, not one that suits the ears of observers

I agree that the controversy of your face is unrelated to worship music; however I was using this fact to illustrate how Shoenberg's understanding of "atonality" is also somewhat unrelated to the fact that congregational worship songs tend to be diatonic, as when looking at his background we can see a huge bias towards "atonality" (whatever your definition of this may be) as he challenged traditional and conventional composition techniques.

I agree that God requires a song of worship from our hearts, but would be more inclined to say "not one that suits the ears of listeners".

Were I a fan of serialism, you would have inspired and encouraged me to express my worship through twelve-tone technique. Thank you.


Your welcome. As a Worship Leader and a Musician, I love to see people express their worship to God through new and personal ways. In your case, through twelve-tone technique.

Glad to help!

Got any other worship horror moments?

The operative phrase in that sentence was "WERE I a fan of serialism".

Oh there was this one time at band practice...I'm not sure I can really type this out, it was so traumatic, and since then I've been ridiculed by the members of the band. In particular one guy called Adam.


Aha, go on Emily. Do tell! Else I will. As a friend obviously

Huh, you're so friendly. Go on, I want to hear your account of the incident when we discovered I had some manly qualities. I think as the only girl I was having issues fitting in.


Well, as far as I recall, one practice you were saying we should play "Happy Day" but you described, as you put it "discovering your more manly qualities", as "UUUUGGGGHHHH HAPPY DAYYY!!"


Ah in that case your recall isn't quite accurate.

We were in Sam's cellar for practice because all of our churches were in use, so everyone was going acoustic and I had my keyboard, meaning that the sound we were producing as a band was relatively quiet. Whilst practising Happy Day something went wrong with my keyboard and just as we got to the chorus I exclaimed in a very un-ladylike manner "UUUUUUUGHHHHH", which sounded like I was trying to sing the chorus ha.

That was the practice you all locked me in the cellar.


:O we would never do that!?!

We love you really :P