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Spirit Break Out

Spirit Break Out

Luke Hellebronth & Myles Dhillon

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Loved this song in LONDON. Great!!

Worship Leader and Youth Worship Director at BMC-Brookhouse Road.

most original and fresh worship song ive heard in ages, nice one!

I love this! I'm really into worship and rap combined, so this song is brilliant!

Love the simplicity of this. It's been working so well at church. Great stuff!


Definitely experienced heaven touching earth when worshipping through this song! Thank you!

Good to hear some more rap as part of corporate worship - Unless Sim Walker is rapping of course then the Spirit may break out - and then go elsewhere... :D

Great work though guys, keep pushing the boundaries.

loved this song in London, please add some of the other new material like Keep the Faith that was also awesome!

Was this played at Worship Central Southampton? Sure remember it from somewhere!!

Love the song! and great to see both styles of worship combined, real sense of worshipping God together. :)

I did this song on Sunday kicked off!! Love it.