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help with lyric, 'why should i gain from his reward'
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Can someone explain to me their interpretation of the lyric, 'why should I gain from His reward?" It's part of the last verse of Stuart Townend's song, "How Deep The Father's Love". Here is the verse in context: Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer But this I know with all my heart His wounds have paid my ransom Thanks!
The idea seems to be that we are not worthy to receive the gift of eternal life brought about by Christ's death - it is beyond us without grace. A cracking song in my opinion. Matt - Free worship songs - Creative video production resourcing churches
I agree with Matt - I think it's basically saying that logically and by what we've done, there's absolutely no reason at all why we should receive eternal life and forgiveness for our sins. But because of his great love, mercy and grace, he's made sure that we always can.
True. Perhaps you can think of it as the Father rewarding the Son for his faithfulness and obeying His will - rewarding Him with resurrection and eternal life after dying. This then gets offered to us so that we can inherit the gift that the Father gave to the Son, if you like. Without paying the cost required - grace indeed! Also a reward can be thought of as a price on someone's head - a ransom too, so Jesus has taken care of that and yet we benefit from it, without being able to offer anything of value in terms of earning freedom. == 1Cor 10.13
Christus. Cras, hodie, semperque.