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Don't really know if it's relevant here, but if any churches are looking to expand a bit more into video production, video podcasts, promotional films or DVDs for their churches, taster videos or web-based messages from their pastor and such like, I'd be happy to get involved with training or advice. I work in television for a living so purport to have at least some knowledge that might be useful to others! Forgive the self-promoting plug, but it's kinda where my heart is at the moment.
Hi guys the comments are great, from my first post i feel that there is a definate call for this to happen. what next? I am wanting to build a commitee / overseeing group if possible with people from various areas backgrounds and knowledge. I do not want a group of professional technicains nor a group of church leaders but a diverse collection of people who are looking to serve the church in aiding and supporting technicians and providing training. If you feel called to get involved and help to set this up then i would like to look at having a meeting, dont now where yet, but so that we can pray and look at how this could be setup to give the best. Even if you dont feel you can commit to something like this i would ask you to pray into this and if you know of anyone who this maybe of intreast to please let them know and if possible if you could pass their details on that would be great/ thank you anthony

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Hi guys All great posts. Its very exciting that these forums are doing their job of bringing the community together to support each other and train each other up. Watch this space - but Worship Central will be having a 'Grill a Techie' lunch at our London Conference so if you havent registered then get in now. Matt Sales (previous post - former Worship Central 'black shirt' and now SFL production manager) will be one of a panel speaking at the lunch and we will begin to look at all of this stuff. More details to go on the website soon. While in-depth practical techie training isnt something that we can provide on an ongoing basis it sounds from all these posts that there is wealth of experience out there and we would really encourage you guys to keep talking and start training each other up just as Anthony is suggesting. This is brilliant! Rachel

--- From The Editor, Worship Central

Hi Guys I started this post a while back and things never really took off.
Within the next month a new website will be launched
There is already a facebook page and twitter page.

There are lots of resources for musicians in church but limited ones for those doing tech in church. The heart of Church Tech UK is to see equip those who serve in a tech/ media role. This maybe in a paid capacity or unpaid.

We would love to see this develop and to form partnerships with other organisations such as Worship Central.

We would love to get to know other techs from around the country we are therefore looking to plan a 'tech meetup' during the time of the Worship Central Conference in October/November. (31st October and 1st November 2014). We will publish details on our facebook page, twitter and on the website in the next week or two. This is an open invitation to anyone who has an interest in Tech/media in church.

For more info you can email

Look forward to meeting you.


Sound tech, lighting tech, video tech, production technician