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Worship Burnout
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Hi, I was just wondering and looking for advice around feeling burnout by worship. Do others feel this, how do the cope etc etc? My situation is that my passion lies in drumming but I'm now the only worship leader in the church which as well as the church youth worker. I have really enjoyed leading worship in the past but now with the pressure of always leading every week, setting up the PA every week and all that comes with that. The whole things now feels like workship rather than worship. Any suggestions? Chris
Have a break. Take a month or two off and just enjoy worship from the other side without having any responsibility. The church can use CDs or borrow other musicians / leaders, but you need to be able to step out of it from time to time. The church leadership should also be encouraging you to have a rest from time to time, otherwise they aren't being very pastoral. I spent nearly three years in my previous church leading worship every Sunday that I was there because there was nobody else to do it. The significant term there is 'previous church'; the pressure and intensity of it all contributed to a breakdown in the relationship between me and the pastor, though there were other, more significant, factors involved. Best to step away from it for a while.
I think you need to be careful to make your serving roles in church sustainable, and build serving into your church's makeup. Are there any roles that you can cede to others, such as asking for volunteers to do the PA? That's one load off your shoulders. I oversee PA in our church as well as helping lead worship, but recognised it'd be difficult to try and do both, so within 9 months of planting a church, i'd recruited a team of people (most with very little experience) to take over the weekly running of PA. So... try to raise up other leaders to replace you! That's obviously a longer term solution. In the short term, how would the church cope if you were away or left? They'd have to find some solution, or would have no worship. So, think about perhaps taking a week off in each month, or alternately, strip the worship right back so that it's very simple to do and arrange: that should take some pressure off.
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thanks. I've recently had a meeting with the other team members to try and raise up other leaders and PA people but no one it stepping forward. The church went from having 3 worship leaders to just myself. Within our church I am told that their are people that have lead worship in other churches but when I ask for help I get nothing. As much as I want to step aside from leading their seems no way that I will be able to do that. Any advice for the situation? I have made the church leader aware of my feelings.
Hi Chris, this is a really tough place to be in. I agree with Joe that serving roles should be sustainable. The church should be the first place that models a Sabbath principle! Are you in a paid position at the church? If so, do you have some kind of job description? If not, the responsibility of providing musical worship during the services lies with the leadership and the church as a whole, and not with you. That may mean, unaccompanied singing or CDs. I suspect that might encourage people to help out. I think that many people still don't realize the time that goes in preparing for corporate worship. Some corporate responsibility for the worship in the church is needed! I think you should prayerfully consider how much you are actually able to commit to, balanced against the other areas that God wishes you to be involved in, make that boundary clear to the leadership team and then (the hardest bit) stick to that.
Agree very much with Paul's post. The other thing to do is to simply ask people to help with things like PA - just ask if they'd be willing to serve, irrespective of experience - and tell them that you can teach them. Additionally, mention to the church pastor and leadership that perhaps serving could do with being modelled a bit better. I generally pick on people in my home group: I ask them if they're serving on a team, and if they're not, I get them involved somewhere. However, we've got a culture of everyone serving somewhere in our church so it makes it easier to do. Ultimately, that needs to be driven by the pastors. Finally, you can try to find out which people are musicians and again, just approach them directly and see if they'd be willing to serve one week a month.
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thanks again guys, Joe, I am in a paid position as a youth worker. No where does it say anything about leading the worship team but its a pressure put on in. I think the CD route is a way forward and hopefully if they don't like it hopefully it will see start to move in a new exciting directions centred around God
Hi Chris That fills in a couple of blanks then... yeah, i'm sure you don't need reminding that your first priority is YOUR relationship with God, and that of your family. If you're in the place where you feel like you're being a professional Christian, take a step back and just take some time out to consider things objectively. A lot of churches are very good at letting a few people take most of the strain, but that's not sustainable, and leads to problems down the line. Bounce off some Godly friends whose discernment you trust, and let them speak into your situation. Finally, and most importantly, seek the Lord through prayer & reading the word. I hope you find a solution!
Joe "One, two, three, here we go..." ... follow me on Twitter @JJBHargreaves
Thanks guys. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
hi there...wot you need is a break ,i used to be a worship leader, but had a lot of the overhead projector woman was always too busy daydreaming to change the song sheets..usually ended up in me coughing very loudly...also i had a female violinist who canonly be described as a complete cow...she hated me, and used to always be rolling her eyes, i was the only one keeping the up to date worship songs learming them, printing out, teaching the others took a lot of time. i felt very stressed by it all. i go to a different church where they have a rota for diffferent people to works amazingly is hard sometimes, you need your time to be able to be quiet and worship.i also used to have very enthusiastic tambourine playersin the congregation...SHUT UP!!!!!