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Who is your favourite preacher speaker and why?
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Hi Everyone

Over my 12 years this year as a Christian, I have learned so much from great preaching and teaching.

Here are the preacher’s teachers I have learned from the most.

David Wilkinson
Carter Conlon
John Piper
Paul Washer
Jacob Prasch
Paul Scanlon
Brian Houston

Who have you learned from and why?

i dont really like the word 'favourite' as God doesnt have any favourites and nor should we.....

but i think i know what youre getting at.

the people i've learnt the most from (which is a much better way of saying it) are:

my church pastors david plumridge, darren smith, ross dilnott, ken tattersall,
mike pilavachi and tim hughes
louie giglio
martin smith
matt redman
steve chalke
paul scanlon
brian houston
joyce meyer
creflo dollar

God bless,

My dad :-)


i know what you mean by the word favourate, i just didnt know of another way of putting it.

you said it best when you said 'the person you have learnt most from'.


Mike Pilivachi - I first saw him when I was 16 and my church youth group went to a soul survivor conference in Bath. He has the amazing ability to have you laughing to the point of stitches and than bring it back to exalt the Lord with great passion, all in one sentence.
Ravi Zacharias
Rob Bell - I know he's quite controversial, but aside from me not agreeing with all of his theology, he has some great idea's and really knows how to teach well
Tom Long - My pastor
Louie Giglio
Eric Roberts - A good friend of mine, who speaks at my church from time to time.

My Dad. He's The Real Deal. He Is Radical About Jesus, Like Jesus Is Radical For Us! He Doesn't Water Down The Word. He's My Biggest Role Model. My Dad Didn't Commit His Heart To Jesus Til He Was 31yrs Old. (I Was 12yrs) He Was Raised In A Broken Home In The Slums Of Philadelphia, And All He Knew Was To Fight His Way Through Life. (Literally) I Grew Up Watching My Dad In Rock Bands And Semi-Pro Boxing. While My Father Hid His Vices From Me And My Sisters, I Knew He Was Broken Inside. I Saw The Hand Of God Captivate The Life Of My Dad. God Reveals To Me His Power And Love Everyday Through The Life Of This Man. He Became A Home Missions Pastor By The Age Of 37 & The Lord Has Used Him To Turn Our Community Upside Down. He's A Combat Commando!!! My Dad Has Taught Me To Always Remain Faithful To God No Matter What The Cost, And He Leads By Example.
Some Other Pastors Or Ministers That Have Influenced Me Are:
John Wesley
A.W. Tozer
Charles Finney
Watchman Nee
Leonard Ravenhill
Keith Green
D.L. Moody
Andrew Murray
Jack Hayford
John Eldredge
Brian Doerksen

Little Kevin

I tend not to learn that much off worship pastors who I hear speaking. I find them - sometimes - inspiring and useful from a practical sense in terms of what I can apply to worship.

I'm the sort of person who appreciates really deep biblically rooted passionate theology. I listen to quite a few people who i've enjoyed and learned much from... people like John Wimber and Tim Keller. Really down to earth, but thoroughly intelligent and good bible teachers.

Currently, the guy I like most is Simon Ponsonby. Big brain, big heart... big bible guy.


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