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What songs in small groups?
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Ive recently been asked to lead worship at a small group of ten or so of us at school. I know I'm not the only one out there who needs help with this. Which songs are good for small groups? I know they need to be in an easy key, and fairly well known, but I'd love some ides/examples! Also, its a prayer time kinda thing. So songs that kinda flow into prayer would be great. Thanks guys, Ben
Hi Ben Check out "He's My Saviour". It's perfect for small group meetings. The idea behind the song is that it's got a few pre-written verses, but you can very easily lead it into a spontaneous time where people can suggest their own lyrics. The recording on the site has some examples of that. To lead into prayer after that would be very appropriate too. It's not hugely well known, I guess, but it is dead easy to pick up the tune. Other than that, you could try lifting out the chorus sections from well known songs to keep things simple. Depending on the focus of the meeting, things like Shout to the Lord, Mighty To Save, You are beautiful beyond description (I stand, I stand in awe of you), Here I am to worship are all really good ones for that setting. Hope that's helpful Kiers ================================ - free new worship songs - free graphic design for churches
Hi Ben, Songs I've used recently in a homegroup setting are: Open the eyes to my heart Draw me close Awesome God Above all else The Stand (chorus) It may not fit with the theme this time but the other one which is well known and easy to use in a small setting is How great is our God. Hope that helps Jo :-)
Here's ones that I've done in small group setting. All fairly easy to sing and play. Thank you for saving me Amazing Grace Over the mountains (I could sing of your love forever) Father hear our prayer O Sacred King Lord I life your name on high Worship the Lord (I'm living for your glory) Hope it goes well! Paul
I have used A Thousand Times I've Failed, and not done the octave change. That really worked.
Thanks for all the comments guys, they're all welcome. It's a weekly thing so I'll do different ones each week. Thanks again! Ben :)
I often lead worship at my cell group with a great friend and we always pick songs that are not to wordy. Songs that people are most likely to know really well. Even if the songs are really old. Or only choruses or bridges of some songs that are wordy but powerful. Hope that makes sense. Samuel.
yeh i think that makes sense =] recently i got asked to co-lead some worship in our homegroup on monday nights (well, this was at the weekend away we went on back in the end of march now!)... this monday coming is the first we're going to do. we're going to practice a few songs at our youth group tonight (not in front of people, just while stuff's going on) so yeh. good few song suggestions here, will probably use some of them =] will let you know how it went afterwards =] [update] We sorted out 3 songs to do at our homegroup for last monday, we did a few rather powerful songs that i don't think people would generally use within small groups BUT everyone was really going for it . We've been asked to do it again (i think with a few more songs as well, cos people were really enjoying it and getting really stuck in). We did This is how i know what love is (Because of your love), God in my living (Everything) and another song that i can't actually remember right now lol. It was just amazing =] (We went out on the grass opposite the house where we meet and were just sat there singing these with the guitar... a few people stopped on their way past and listened for a bit! =]) God bless nic xxx
Hi Ben Good question! I've done small group worship stuff for years now, and the stuff I've found works best are those songs which the church congregation has got hold of and those which are working in church along with those older songs which have worked in the fast. Beware doing songs which have quite complex band arrangements - they often sound a bit rubbish when you're just doing it with an acoustic guitar. So before you play it, think ' can everyone sing this easily?' or 'am i just playing it becase I like it?' and re-do your setlist in light of that. Try and avoid doing songs that people don't know - they won't sing them and you'll end up having a poor worship time. BTW - my wife's parents go to your church... we were there just after Xmas... Joe "One, two, three, here we go..."
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I often lead worship at our cell group with a friend and we tend to do a medley of choruses because thats what people seem to remember most from songs because in our experience we can't expect everyone to know all the words to songs because people don't sing them as often as we listen, practice and sing them in our free time. So the choruses from songs we do for example are: Here I am To Worship Majesty You Never Let Go Bow Down and Worship Him Hallelujah (Be High and Lifted Up) How Great Is Our God Love Came Down Mighty To Save Hosanna Healer This Is Our God (Chorus and Bridge) We tend to choose songs in the same key so the worship can flow easily without stopping and starting since we both use two acoustic guitars.
Hi Samuel Couple of ideas for you - don't leave out the verses all the time, there's a lot of good stuff there. People will remember them if they're sung often enough. Alternately, just start printing off some copies of songs you commonly use, and hang onto the sheets. Joe "One, two, three, here we go..."
Joe "One, two, three, here we go..." ... follow me on Twitter @JJBHargreaves