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Troubles come and troubles go
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So this is just the start to a song...I'm really confused as to where to go with it. Played it to a few different people and they say that the 'in the suffering' part should be a chorus as it's too strong for a pre-chorus...but in that case I really need a pre chorus or some way of building up the end of the verse. I was just wondering whether anybody has any ideas for it... Troubles come and troubles go, but you remain Valleys dry and rivers flow, you never change In the suffering, You're there, In the good times, You never change,

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Hey I'm rubbish at this songwriting stuff but I really like your start. Here is something off the top of my head but it probably doesn't even fit musically. You are always there for me In the pain you are worthy Of my praise forever more I'm knocking at your door Keep it up though mate, it sounds awesome.

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Good work mate! I like the chord progression you have set up for the main chorus. As for the pre-chorus bit, I really like it. I think you could prob shorten it and build it up a bit more but it's really good. I just randomly came up with a melody line for the chorus with the word Jords just posted above. If you want I could record and send over? may not be what your looking for though, hehe. let me know. Ben --------------------------------- Web | Video | Graphics
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Hey mate, Yea that would be great if you could...thanks for both of your input, if you could email it to or post it on here that would be awesome! Thanks Si
Ah young Simon, I admit it, I'm on here just so I can hear your voice again...! ;) Hope you've been having a good week mate - I've just finished editing the HOPE video, I'll stick it up on YouTube when I'm done so you can have a look. We're missing you already! Anyway.... the song... ! Yeah, so what Graham Kendrick would do (all hail the Graham) would be to get an idea like 'valleys dry and rivers flow' and then come up with at least 20 alternative couplets like that to get some killer verses - so what you need to do is think of as many opposing pairs of images like that that you can draw on: Night and day Riches and poverty Heat and cold joy and sadness Deserts and springs of water running and falling pathway smooth or rocky view is clear for miles or walking in fog etc etc then craft them into lyrics and bingo you've got some really evocative lyrics. Hopefully. See you soon I'm sure :) Free New Worship Songs Free New Worship Songs
Hey mate, Great to see your posting away...looking forward to seeing the video :-). I worked for the teambuilding company today...was awwwesome fun! I shall do some crafting tomorrow on the verses. The main hurdle I've come to is working out whether to have the 'In the suffering you're there' as the pre-chorus-it just feels so right, but i think it could be too strong for a prechorus unless I can find a stonking chorus??? But then the question comes of where to take the chorus and what to make it about. I am just sitting with my guitar and drawing a blank everytime! Anybody have any ideas??? Cheers Siii
Hi Simon, Hope you're well mate. The great Bryan Adams (Summer of 69 + Everything I do) when writing a song comes up with what he thinks is the chorus. He then takes that chorus, uses it as a verse and tries to write something even more amazing as a new chorus. It's quite a challenge - but makes for some pretty impressive song writing. I wonder if this is the approach you need to take here. Personally i think you have a great pre-chorus, you just need to work hard at finding a really great chorus. Might take a while and no doubt will cause lots of frustration - but definitely wait until you've got it. Will make for a much more powerful song. Also at the moment you have the phrase - 'You never change' twice. Maybe need to cut one of them. Well done. Keep going for it. This has the potential to be really strong. Tim Tim
this is great song you have a great song idea look up at the psalms for inspriation if your stuck just thought this might help you