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The mystery of Love in the kingdom to come
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What is hell like? Please do not be put off by the question the spirit is telling the bride something very important in a time such as this Knowing the depth of the Love of the father, whom first loved us completely realized to the brokeness of not being able to be with the triune. To find that they lost the love of their life, and for all eternity, they weep and gnash of teeth in the lost relationship that was offered to the depth of salvation and be in true freedom in his love. Knowing that they have loved the wrong things, person, idols in their life and the time has past for bride to be with Christ. Knowing they were appealing, give self, and wasting away in their lust for the world. That there is a point of no return. Yet the revelation of Love, love so true and so strong, that even the souls who are in hell will feel it. This must be, what darkness is like. Please if the spirit is speaking to you and who have something to contribute to this... please leave a comment and by fire it will be refined... iron sharpens iron... bless you
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