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The Glory of God
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It might help to consider if any of God's attributes can truly be separated out for examination. He displays (and is the source of) qualities we can recognise as just, mighty, loving, gracious, life-giving and so on. But these aren't distinct traits divided up into a list of different areas that he happens to possess. They all come wrapped up in a bundle and if you find one aspect of this nature of God, you can only find every aspect of who he is. Much the same way that you can't isolate the Spirit from the Son or the Father. The unity of the divine nature of God partly reveals his glory - his justice is glorious, his might is glorious...his glory is glorious! It is what he is, who he is, why he is etc. It's a miracle that we can begin to understand such a mystery, thanks to what he has revealed: "the wonder of it all is he came down"
Christus. Cras, hodie, semperque.
I just started reading a short book about Glory in the context of our corporate worship meetings by Bob Sorge, called 'Glory: When Heaven Invades Earth'. Here are some choice excerpts: "Glory is used in the Bible... to describe the action of God whereby He takes of His glory which is eternally existent in heaven, pushes through the veil that separates natural and spiritual realities, and reveals within the parameters of our time and space the splendour of His magnificent beauty and splendour." "Many of us have conceived of God's presence as the ultimate attainment in our worship gatherings. We have thought that by having God's presence in the midst of the community of faith we have uncovered New Testament Christianity. But I am saying God's presence is not enough. It's possible to have His presence without His smile (His pleasure). His presence is great, but there's more. There's glory. Most of us have known His presence in our midst as we worship, but few of us have truly entered the glory realm. His presence is His promise; His glory is His pleasure. We are assured the kiss of His presence, but not necessarily the smile of His glory." "Instead of defaulting to another song, what would happen if the worship leader just STOPPED EVERYTHING and said, "we're missing it"?" "The truth is, God's glory is disruptive. It's untamed, uncontrollable, unstoppable, and dangerously all-consuming. It destroys agendas, calendars, service orders, song lists, and carefully devised plans. It frustrates, exposes, confounds, and renders powerless the controlling mechanisms of church leaders. Glory is dangerous and revolutionary. It's explosive, undomesticated, volatile, divisive, and invasive. Glory smashes in like a tidal wave, washing away the safety nets and lines of familiarity that have helped us feel secure... and other pastors are secretly envious that it's not happening at the their place." "When glory comes, all flesh shall see it together (Is 40:5). The critics will be silenced; skeptics will be dumbfounded; agnostics will believe; atheists will tremble; the sinners in Zion will be terrified; the righteous will rejoice; backsliders will repent; the indifferent will be shaken; the hot will be set to boiling; the cold will be forced to a decision... the hardened will be judged; the harvest will be gathered; the Father will be glorified." I'm sure there's more, but I've not finished the book yet!