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Songs of unity and community
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Something has been placed on my heart about promoting songs of unity as Christians of one body singing prophetically over the community they serve. I am starting out a venture with other members of my church which will get together all the songwriters, poets, intercessors and anyone else that feels called from the local churches to bring forward ideas and themes for songs with the vision of writing as a team prophetic songs for the community. Has anyone done anything similar? Does anyone have a similar vision? Have you got any practical ideas or suggestions about the times we meet together? Thanks for taking the time to respond to this, Nick
yeh i wrote a song based on psalm 133 recently about this very subject, i think we need to do this more. ive not tried the venture thing you mention but it could be a great idea. go for it! God bless, gav.
Hey Nick Sorry this has slipped the radar a bit. I have no experience of leading such a thing but it sounds great, let us know how you get on. And Gav get the song shared!! :)
Hey Nick, Yeah, I've had a slightly similar idea...however, I'm going away for a few days so will try and reply when i get back
Hi everyone, James Gregory hosted something like this up in Aberdeen a couple of months back where local songwriters got together. We looked at what is worship, critiqued a couple of folks songs and basically just supported and helped each other. The idea seems to be to get together a few times each year, see where we are and hopefully share experiences, music and the love of God with each other. Nothing much more than that for just now, but it may be the first step towards a bit of togetherness in Aberdeenshire. God Bless Neil
That seems like a similar thing to what we want to do Neil. Is there any way I could get into contact with James to rack his brains a bit. Sim it would be great to hear your idea and how it went. We have decided to call it Re.Vitalise, and it will be a place to build relationships as well as look at music. The group will meet six times a year (3 Thursday “messy Sessions” and 3 Saturdays) The messy sessions will be a chance for everybody to bring any ideas that they have for themes, lines, melodies of a song to the group and bounce ideas around. It is a chance to develop those embryonic ideas that you may have had about a song that have got no further and allow others to input into them. The Saturday sessions will be more structured. They will involve some teaching, some small group sessions and some time looking at developing songs that are in a “half finished” state. We hope to end these sessions with a meal for the group. Despite only meeting up a few times a year formally, the main aim for this is to develop relationships with Christians in the area. The forum on the website is the place to go to help develop song ideas during that time and to talk about anything else. You can post songs on the website for other people to critique or critique on other people’s ideas. There will also be general conversations about life in general. Comments on this general set up would be good. Guess where I got the idea of a forum from! God bless, Nick

Isn't what you are talking about in the OP to some extent what Godfrey Birtill and his wife do? I went to a spiritual warfare teaching lead by his wife. She talked a lot about identifying strong holds in a geographical area and I'm pretty sure I remember the talk mentioning that some of Godfrey's songs were written with specific areas in mind that they had lead warfare stuff at etc? Have a look at Godfrey's face book page and see if yuou can contact him for advice maybe?!/godfreyb?ref=ts

If you are going to write worship songs, maybe you could think of making them less egocentric. Thankyou for saving ME. Why NOT thankyou for saving US. I am so gratefull or whatever. Jesus died to save the whole of creation. He died to save EVERYONE. The church is meant to be the Body of Christ or the family of God. So are not more songs written about Jesus dying AND RISING for the whole of the World. Why not write them in the plural using US and WE not ME and I etc.. Then the community following Jesus can sing them jointly focusing on what the Father had done through his Son for everyone. Hallelujah.

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