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Should we worship God for him being powerful?
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Right, there may well be an easy answer to this that you may give me straight away but never mind. I've been thinking about this quite a bit recently and I'm still not sure. Should we be worshipping God for his power and what he is able to do? In our songs should we worship him for his ability to move the mountains? The only answer I've come up with is because he's God!


say nothing.

we should worship god for who he is?

not for what he can give us, or do for us.

The works of God, independent of who He is would not deserve worship.

You could move mountains out of hate or envy, but the miraculous deeds performed by God are important because they reveal God's good nature rather than the sheer power of his nature. So we find signs and works helpful because they are a revelation of something unseen, but God would deserve our worship even if he never performed any works save creating us to worship Him.

The things He has done can be used as evidence to praise Him and act as a reminder for us, because we are too quick to forget the truth about Him :)

Cras, hodie, semperque.