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Kids' worship - backing tracks
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Hey guys Quick favour to ask - the guys who lead kids' ministry at our church approached us the other day to ask if we had any resources to help them do worship. Has anyone either created or know of any backing tracks we could get our hands on in order for them to use? Typically they'll have one or two people doing worship with the kids, so backing tracks are the way forward I think! We've already found the Great Big God backing tracks...
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Hi, I found them a few months back! There seems to be a good few there! :) Hope that helps.
Thanks mate - I was really after some MP3s... we don't need any lyrics.
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Hillsongs Kids DVD's have backing tracks on which are also (I am led to believe) available to download as MP3 off their website. They also use some of the non child specific songs but with different beats and musical styles so useful crossovers for all age stuff.
Yeah we've got those, but aren't so much of a fan of them. Was just wondering whether any other churches had done their own...
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Kids Praise do backing tracks on although you have to buy them as CDs and the shipping from the states is costly.

Hey, we've found that alot of our kids love general worship music, just as long as its upbeat and fun! My seven year old often can be heard singing his heart out in his bedroom to Happy Day. But even when he was four and five, he'd love songs like Open the eyes of my heart, come now is the time to worship. It works quite well because they recognise the songs when they're in main services etc. Just a thought!

Do you still need some backing tracks for your kids worship?? I have some we use all the time and the songs are used at New Wine for Rock Solid as well....too big to email but can send you a link.

Hey Joe, if you're still looking there's a few all age songs on RESOUNDworship which all have backing tracks available for free:
Free New Worship Songs

Hey there,

I'm doing something similar as we've got a new building project starting in September so will be moving all the kids work to a local school and trialling a kids church model. I've found various backing cds on and then the 'Great Big God' series is available as vol1-3 backing tracks on iTunes which is v. cool!

Seeds of Worship also have a backing track cd.

I'll also record some that I can't track down anywhere so message me any titles of interest and I'll add them to my list and forward you a link if that's good?



Thanks for all the replies - i've prodded things back to them in the meantime and will let them get on with making a decision!


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