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January Setlists?
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this one's from denver, co for a gathering of worshippers from India this weekend We will dance - David Ruis For who you are - Hillsong Mighty to save - Hillsong Your name - Paul Baloche & Glenn Packiam What can wash away - Hymn You alone can rescue - Matt Redman The Stand - Hillsong
And from Glasgow - One church, one voice - by me Praise is rising - Brenton Brown Everyday - Joel Houston Worship the Lord (declare his glory) - Louis Fellingham Kingdom Song - by my drummer
new songs Jesus Saves-Tim H and Nick H God of this City-bluetree Holy Spirit living Breath of God-getty/townend reinventing old ones: Our God Reigns (how lovely on the mountains) Stand up stand up for Jesus i have decided to follow Jesus
Some of the new songs being introduced of the top of my head are; All Glory - Nikki Fletcher Glory in the Highest - Al Gordon & Luke Hellebronth Adoration - Brenton Brown We got some faster ones in the mix too However in my personal worship times I can't stop listening to, and playing Ben Cantelon's - 'You Alone', and Chis Tomlin's 'Indescribable'.
This reply coming from the Westcountry, in Dorset-setlist for Sunday is: Because Of Your Love (Phil Wickham) Hosanna (Hillsong) Happy Day (Tim Hughes) The Heart Of Worship (Matt Redman) You Led Me To The Cross (Matt Redman) Cannons (Phil Wickham) Love Came Down (Ben Cantelon) Also planning to use some choruses: The Stand (Hillsong) Majesty (Delirious) Our God Reigns (Delirious)
This sunday we're doing: Over the Mountains and the Sea You Never Let Go Your Perfect Love (Own Song) The Rising Sun My Jesus My Lifeline Living For Your Glory One Way
my setlist from Sunday 24th which was a believers baptism during which 3 teenagers were baptised. Many visitors so a mixture of old and newer songs O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder - went straight into Happy Day Indescribable The Splendour of the King - moving straight into Amazing Grace - which we kept in 4/4 to go back into The Splendour of the King Praise is Rising in between each baptism used the chorus from Happy Day
some of the songs we have ben introducing so far this semester have been: Our God is greater - Chris Tomlin Awakening - Chrs Tomlin You Alone can Rescue - Matt Redman Forever Changed - Eddie Kirkland Freedom is Here - Hillsong Your Name High - Hillsong I know that seems like a lot to introduce, but each whole night (seven songs) we only do two at a time and along with the two that we introduce we mix in many songs that we introduced and played last semester. The Students in the college ministry really seem to receive the songs well. These particular songs encourage us, as believers, to mix our worship with justice and action to "GO" out into this world and live out our faith.
At citychurch würzburg ( we are singing these songs at the moment: Von den Gipfeln der Welt (Chris Tomlin/Johannes Falk) Gott ist gegenwärtig (old hymn) Hosanna (Hillsong) Wir schaun auf dich (Albert Frey) Here i am to worship (Tim Hughes) Till i see you (Hillsong)
The songs we used last Sunday evening were: In Christ Alone - Stuart Townend Cannons - Phil Wickham This Is Our God - Hillsong Happy Day - Tim Hughes You Are - Ben Cantelon Beautiful - Phil Wickham Mighty to Save - Hillsong I Love the King - Tim Hughes