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I love to card make and I draw a lot love to hang out with mates


Matt - definitely sounds cool, I'm glad you've confirmed it is genuinely difficult and it's not entirely down to me just being rather rubbish :-) I may try and give it a go! The problem I always found though is that after crashing a few times the cheap ones tend to just, well, break - and anything expensive seems a bit overkill! Any recommendations as to where to start if I ever do decide to control one of these things?

Without wanting to turn Worship Central into an RC helicopter forum, I guess it all depends on how much you want to spend, Michael. Both in terms of cash and time. Actually, it's more about the time.

Learning to fly a proper RC helicopter will involve a serious investment of time, both flying and learning about helis and how they fly. For around £65 you could buy a small co-axial helicopter ( which will be easier to fly and is good to learn on, although it doesn't have the full controls of a real helicopter.

I dived straight in and went for a "400 sized" electric collective pitch heli ( which has full "3D" contorls meaning it can do complex transitions and even hover upside down. In terms of crashing, it's an absolute certainty that you will - many times. There are plenty of excellent websites and online courses that teach you how to fly. It does take a long time because it is highly skilled. It probably took me four to five months of flying two or three times a week to be able to hover confidently. And forward flight is a whole different level!

It's a great hobby and even has the added spice (as if clearing out your bank account fairly rapidly every time you crash isn't enough!) of being pretty dangerous too! At full tilt, the rotor blades on my heli are doing 200mph at the tip and would happy slice your face off if you got in the way.

I've probably babbled on far too long...!

I don't have much time for hobbies but I do enjoy cooking, not just normal stuff but poncey things that take hours to make and five seconds to eat. Like Matt said, we don't do things because they're easy!

I'd love a decent barbecue but haven't got space and refuse to go down the gas route so no barbecues for me. Most of my spare time is spent with my kids as my son is pre school age but when he starts nursery in september I'll suddenly have free time so may have to take up a hobby then. Or sleep.

And it goes without saying, I love real ale. But I loved it before it was cool to drink it so now everyone drinks it and the proper stuff is harder to get because places cater for mass markets and niche beers get dropped. It also hurts that one of the best places to get real ales on tap is the McDonalds of pubs, Wetherspoons. I hate that place.

You're right Pete, it's fairly comic.

I don't mind the wetherspoons as they don't play music, and there's one near me which is usually fairly quiet and well-decked out. The draw of having a few reliable good ales on tap, and a changing variety of guest ales wins for me. There are also some great country pubs within a 10 mile drive of me that have all of the above, but without the 'spoons tag which we treat ourselves to once in a while.

And you don't need much space to BBQ properly. Trust me on this. My BBQ lives in a corner of the garden with a cover on it all year round, and we had our first BBQ of the year during the 6 Nations this year. You just need to pick the right BBQ!


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Oh Joe, you have yet to visit Wetherspoons Guildford then. Evening time= club level music. Only on certain nights though, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from my experience....... That said the Woking one is much more pleasant, though still not great!

"I don't mind the wetherspoons as they don't play music"

Sounds like you'd fit right in at a Wetherspoons, Joe! ;)


I've actually been to the Guildford one when I was visiting friends. Yes... it's big, shiny and quite club-like. But our local, the Aneurin Bevan, is fairly sedate.


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Matt... i'm guessing there's some obscure reference to a band in there?


"One, two, three, here we go..."
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