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Because of the nature of this forum I'm guessing most people on here play an instrument / do sound stuff / are involved with the church in varying degrees. Aside from that though, what sort of things do people like to get up to to pass the time?

Personally I'm a computer guy and do a fair bit of programming. I also like letterboxing when I get the chance, though living in the south east it's a bit of a trek to Dartmoor!

(For those thinking I've become obsessed with cylindrical red things about 6' tall, I haven't - honest!

I do all sorts of music related things as a hobby too, but I love a bit of football and/or golf. So there you go :-)

I initially thought this forum title read "Hobbits" and got excited.

Since it doesn't refer to things "concerning hobbits", I'll say I'm learning graphic arts right now, I hope to make a career of it but we'll see.

I also enjoy having a good beer with friends.

Michael, Letterboxing hasn't made its way to Bend Oregon yet, but it seems oddly fun!

This isn't wildly popular, but in one of the parks here there is a "guild" of people who meet with foam custom crafted medieval weapons. They then have what I'd assume are epic battles, I only have seen them when driving by now and again. I've always wanted to play a joke on them and have a group of friends and myself create custom foam swords and charge at them some day, pretty much re-create the scene from braveheart. It would be awkwardly amazing for, umm... 3 minutes or so. And that is also the sorts of silly thing I waste my time with! :)

Is it too bland to say "long walks on the beach"?

I fly RC helicopters when I have the time (and money). I know what you're thinking: another sad and lonely past-time for an anoraky-muso-worship-leader. And you're probably right...

I'm a composer (when I can), which takes up a lot of my time!


Till the arthritis kicked in I used to join my hubby and son climbing... now I sit at the bottom of craggs and read a good book... Can't even watch them really cos the constant looking up gives me vertigo! (not fear of heights... the inner ear spinny thing!)

Walking, good real ale and barbecueing. I mean proper barbecueing.

I've got what's called a smoker cart... so imagine a round kettle BBQ, now stretch it out and put 3 shelves in it, and a water bowl above the coal but underneath the shelves. I'll get a nice big cut of meat, dry-marinade it, cook it low and slow for about 8 hours, smoking it with oak, hickory, cherry or mesquite wood. I can adjust the temperature inside the BBQ using vents on the cart. The water bowl helps regulate temperature and keep the meat moist, so I can just leave it be for most of the time.

No more burnt offerings to the Lord, we'll have properly barbecued ones instead.

It's a good way to spend a day.


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Oh Joe, you are a man after my own heart!

I enjoy good real ale ( I am gutted to have missed the Woking Ale festival 2 years running). Plus, I now want to come round yours for a BBQ!!!

Apart from music stuff, I enjoy a bit of scuba diving (though not so much in England). I also wish to learn how to surf, that's always been a desire of mine...

I also love a bit of outdoor activity, football, rugby, cricket, frisbee, as long as the sun is shining and I'm with mates, it's all good!

Yes, it was thanks to a few friends on the Orange forum that got me started on the barbecueing love. I suspect i'm the only man in South Wales who knows how to barbecue a beef brisket or pork shoulder properly.

I used to do some of the more active stuff... played rugby for 10 years, running, frisbee for my uni etc. Also qualified BSAC & PADI deep diver! Haven't dived for years though. The wife doesn't like it and I can't justify going by myself. English diving is much more of a technical challenge, being cold water diving. Drysuits are the order of the day.

Oh... photography as well, when I have the time and the inclination. I finally made the switch to digital a year or so ago, and sold off my old film SLRs. Sad day.

I tend to get into hobbies quite heavily.


"One, two, three, here we go..."
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I've got a Nikon film SLR knocking around somewhere, and my trusty D50, though I wouldn't mind getting a fancy new camera, if I had the money!!!

made me laugh - "No more burnt offerings to the Lord, we'll have properly barbecued ones instead"