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Heaven Sent
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Heaven Sent There are many things in life we compromise and settle for second best. In my life I used to be with this girl recently, whom I knew deep down inside was a so called "part time lover". Though I feel the word lover does not fit the picture, even when she would think of me being somebody who is lovable in this way. After deep reflection, I realized, I did not want to hurt her, use, and have her feeling abused by my greed. I realized I didn't want second best in my life, when the memories of girl in my past reflected, what I thought to be the best in my life. This relationship was no where close as fulfilling and comprehending that I was feeling that I was giving something of worth and it being reciprocated. After time went by single and getting close with God, I had a revelation. A revelation of Heaven Sent. God spoke to me about giving me a woman in my life that would be heaven sent, and heaven sent not being limited to my future spouse, but also the quality that Christ want from me in every aspect of life. From work, friends, relationship with God, and ect... I came to a realization that many of us, Christians and Gentiles are living a life of mediocrity. Settling for second, third, or however many down the line, best. While settling for second best in our lives, we sacrifice the vision, promise, and dream of the best and the best slips us by, walks right by us, not noticing the opportunity missed, until later in our lives we realize the empty hole in our lives that Christ wanted to give. How many holes do I have is my life? How many best opportunity did not get fulfilled in my life? Where am I feeling incomplete, missing, lonely, and wanting more or something that I have totally been blind to what has passed already? I said to myself. "No more" I want the vision, the dream, the promise... the full reception of the gift of life and love in my life that Christ has died for. To be complete in every way. I don't want to look at a possible married life on second best and know I have failed sleeping right next to someone who I could cheapen, break, use, and divorce, yet knowing I want to be faithful, a good father, a good husband, a provider, yet I don't want to being in a place where I have this kind of relationship of second best and feeling trapped and lonely, while that person whom I could choose does not fulfill my desires and feel disgusted with myself of myself in the situation I have created. This is an example of a house built on sand. I want to be a house built on a rock. Jesus as the foundation (a life that lied down for me, his death) and a cornerstone (his resurrection) fulfillment, promise, vision, dreams, inspiration, overflowing in the love that he is for what I'm doing and who I'm with. A passion that can not be extinguished. So where am I now. In my thoughts, my inner being, and these two walking out in my physical outer being, I am giving up to God my dreams, the promise, the vision, to store in heaven where it can not rot, break, and be stolen. So when the time comes, he can release these dreams, vision, and promise in his time to me in this life. You see, right now I want to store up my feeling, my thoughts, my actions in heaven. Whatever we bind on this earth will be bound in heaven and whatever is loosened in this life will be loosened in heaven. I want the best. I am not settling for second, third, or any other number than one. God gave his best to us, so he can call us his best, there by giving us the best in this life to our works, our relationship, our dreams, vision, and faithfulness, strengthened and provided by him. Heaven Sent. I want to be a heaven sent to the people in my life, through my works, my words, my actions, my thoughts, and my inner being all flowing out of Christ Love. Love over flowing and touching the lives around me, to be complete in every way. Where there were holes, Christ by his stripes has healed, repented, forgiven, his sacrifice, found, saved, redeemed, and free in the spirit. Were the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. The chains broken, rescued out of the pit, and cleaned and washed, given a robe of his grace, righteousness, faithfulness, love, peace, and presence. This is heaven sent. Pascal "We are an empty vessel, only Christ can fill" and be complete in the best that the Lord can give and in return the best we can give. Through his best, I am able to give my best, and receive the best. Heaven Sent. Israel
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