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'Glorify Your Name' lyric question
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In Glorify your name, each verse is like "Father we Love you.... Glorify your name...", "Jesus...", "Spirit... glorify your name...", but doesnt the bible teach that the spirit always points to jesus, and is there to glorify his name rather than its own? Someone asked me about it other day (and he's normally pretty hot on theology) so i was wondering what the theological answer was! Cheers. H
H I don't know. I'll ask someone cleverer than both of us V
But then again, wasn't Jesus' aim to glorify the Father? I think that seeing as Father, Son and Spirit are all in equal relationship within the Trinity, each member is to be glorified.... that's kind of a half-thought though!
I would guess that the author of the song wasn't trying to unpack doctrinal nuances but rather to just write a simple song of worship to the triune God. To take even another step back, there is no explicit Biblical reference to a name for the Holy Spirit. The Father's name is YHWH / "I AM"; the Son's name is Jesus the Christ; but the Holy Spirit is only ever referred to by descriptive titles such as Spirit of God, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Holiness, Comforter / Counselor (John 14:26), etc. But I'm guessing that the author, along with the author of "Father, I Adore You" (which came out around the same time, I believe), was just trying to address the issue of the trinity at the most basic level in a simple worship song. Alex
I agree with TOT. Let the spirit lead you and not the fuzz that around that is policing your mind from making errors, because if the spirit leads you, you will come to the right words, right time, right place. There by following the spirit and letting in God to worship with you, you will be glorifing his name and coming to communion with The Lord. So get into the word or pray in the spirit and experience God in the song you desire to give to him. Sometimes our intellect gets in the way of finding the words that will glorify the Lord, somethings are best when they are simply, to the point, and sincere.
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we had a nice little debate about this last year at the worship central retreat. i think we ended up realizing that the Holy Spirit is God, and so worthy of worship. A great discussion, nd I'd say even if you're thinking about it then you're in a good spot. A fascinating mystery that will never be fully understood.