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Fast and the Banquet
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Brothers and Sister of the Conquering Lion of Judah I will give you the outline so you can pray and share amongst yourselves about this revelation. I did not spell everything out, because the word is God, and I want you to check in the word to see what The Lord is saying... and to test the spirit... don't just take my word for it... incite revolution within with a bible in hand. Matt. 4:1-11 The Temptations 1. Rock to Bread Jesus the Rock Jesus the Break Broken for us We do not live by bread alone, but by the spiritual bread of Christ (his word, Rhema) 2. Jump off the Temple Highest Point Testing the Lord Using the bad to a good by being the Lamb of God Perfect sacrifice on the cross (temple rebuilt) Temple where sacrifice is made Angels attended to Jesus after the Temptation 3. Promise of Satan Vs. Promise of The Lord Satan stealing the promise of the Lord Jesus knowing his identity, inheritance, and promise of the father King of heaven and earth The Banquet of Satan Vs The Banquet of the Lord Satan wanted his own banquet by making Jesus the bread, the rock, the lamb, the inheritor killed. 1. Matt 4:1-3 2. When Judas sold Jesus out and on the Last supper, it became a finger pointing senario The Banquet of the Lord 1. The washing of feet and preparing to be cleansed by Jesus a prophetic act 2. Breaking the break and the wine (additional reference to not drinking the wine until he's with the father) 3. The Perfect sacrifice of the Lord (Lamb of God) Resurrection The 3 communions after the Last Supper and Cruficixion 1. Road to Emmaus (bread) 2. With his disciples at the Lake of Galaiee (Fish) Fishers of men the great commission 3. Accension to return back to the father (Wine) Satan Will Be Accounted For Matt. 12:36 Every word Satan and his followers "the accuser of the brethren" says will be accounted for Satan, the fool that though it was wise did not know what he was saying at the Temptation and Christ had the victory, using every word that Satan spoke in the Temptation against the fool. John 1 (Whom was, and is, and is to come by his word) The word Not a single word of the enemy will escape judgement When we arrive at the gate of heaven and on the Last Judgement Satan and his followers will have to testify everything if front of the Lord family The first shall be the last. Hope this has blessed you, as much as it has blessed me with faith and a promise or my identity and inheritance. We are more than conquerors by the will of the one whom has bless us. All blessing, power, and honor is due to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Risen One. Jahovah's Son.
Israel Kim Gpo Box 2245, Central, Hong Kong (SAR) (852) 62964388
Your revelation is welcome... more verses to support to get to the truth. I am seeking that the different parts of the body of Christ is used in this message. Thanks. Israel Kim
Israel Kim Gpo Box 2245, Central, Hong Kong (SAR) (852) 62964388