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Hey, So for the last few Easter's, Happy Day would be the classic pulled out during the worship at our church here in York. Over time though, Happy Day has run its time, and we feel it's getting abit like 'Urgh not again'. With easter coming up, i was wondering which songs you guy's would be using, and if you could suggest some alternate 'Upbeat' songs that work well for a celebration service on Easter sunday. Would be great to have your input! Thanks Jonny Gateway Church York
Hi Jonny, Bob Kauflin has put a post on his blog with some ideas that might help, here is the link: I hope it's of use to you.
Bob Kauflin's post mentioned a couple of songs from ('A tomb so cold' and 'We believe') but there's a couple of other upbeat Easter worship songs on RESOUND that might be of interest: by Joel Payne - fantastic song, there's a video that runs to it on youtube And a more up-tempo one of mine is on there Hope those may be of use? Grace & peace, Matt Free New Worship Songs
Agree with Matt's suggestions. Well worth checking out. Also, watch out for a new song from Ben C - 'Saviour of the World'. I'd imagine it may well be a new song on here in the next few months. It's a great, very singable anthem that celebrates who Jesus is. Think it should work well for Easter!
And can it be... by Charles Wesley is a good olde hymn Rejoice, rejoice... by graham Kendrick is nicely upbeat as well.
I'd particularly recommend 'There is a new song' written by our Ichthus worship pastors Chris and Jennie Orange. It's a fabulous high-praise uptempo song and will be perfect for Easter Day. Here are the lyrics: There is a new song in our mouths, A stream of gladness in our hearts. The Lamb of God has overcome; Jesus is risen from the dead. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Jesus is alive! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Jesus is alive! He flings wide the prison doors, Speaks the words of liberty. Lay down Your life and You will be free; He breaks the yoke of slavery. There is a sound of a trumpet call To take this message to the world. He’ll wipe the tears of sorrow dry; The church of Jesus will arise. © Chris & Jennie Orange 2007 / Go Chris and Jennie's website at, then click on Song Resources and under 'The Acoustic Sessions' album you'll find chord charts, sheet music and a full MP3 of this song and many others.
Come to think of it, one of Chris and Jennie's newest songs 'See Him high upon the cross' would also be excellent: See Him high upon the cross, Displayed for all to see. My Redeemer suffered and died, His blood availed for me. Buried in the tomb He lay, All hope, it seemed to fade. But then upon that glorious day He rose up from the grave. He lives! He lives! I know that my Redeemer lives (x4) Today. Now You are exalted above, Enthroned upon our praise. The triumph of the cross will resound Through heaven’s endless days. Beautiful Jesus (x4) Glorious Jesus (x4) ©2009 Chris Orange / Administered by Check out as above for chord sheets, music and free MP3.
This is so funny, Jonny, because we're doing "Happy Day" for the FIRST TIME EVER this year!!! We must be really behind! :-) I can't wait to introduce it, I think our people will really enjoy it. I've been having trouble finding other songs for Easter too, so this thread on the forum is really helping!
I don't think you are at all. I've only done it once then I am in a more traditional Cof E and can't freak people out too often! There are so many that you can chose form each week. There are loads of songs you could use for Easter including the Townend / Getty ones such as; See what a morning, Across the lands (You're the Word of God the Father), In Christ Alone, The Power of the Cross (Oh to see the dawn), How deep the Father's Love for us, (Gethsemane (more Good Friday)). Have You Heard (Brading/ Kendrick) Also I love the traditional Easter hymns too such as Thine be the Glory, Jesus Christ is risen today etc.
A great upbeat Easter song is "He Has Risen" by Noel and Tricia Richards and Gerald Coates, also songs like Once Again and Above All. I am also looking forward to using Because Of Your Love (Phil Wickham) this easter!
I really like 'There is a Green Hill In a Far Away Country' although it isn't exactly upbeat. The Resurrection Hymn by Stuart Townend ('See What a Morning') is great as well.