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Describing the Indescribable
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I had an interesting chat with our drummer the other week. With his tongue firmly in his cheek, he commented that the song 'Indescribable' says that God cannot be described ... and then goes on to try to describe him!! How do we describe the indescribable? How can we as worship leaders portray God to those we are leading in such as way as they are amazed by him all over again? In a world where words like 'awesome' are rapidly losing their meaning due to overuse, how can we find the words to paint a compelling picture of the glory of God to those we're leading? I came across this quotation by CS Lewis a while back which has been very helpful to me in helping push me to be as effective as I can be in the links and exhortations I use when leading worship: “Instead of telling us a thing is ‘terrible’ describe it so that we’ll be terrified. Don’t say it was a ‘delight’, make us say ‘delightful’ when we’ve read the description.” Anyone any resources they've found or experiences they've had or strategies they've used that might help us follow Lewis's advice?
Have you heard the famous prayer by S.M. Lockridge? It's the one called 'That's my King' - you can find loads of versions on YouTube. He does the same thing - describes Jesus for about 3 minutes, then says 'I wish I could describe him to you...' !! It's a tricky one though, when you start to think about it you realise that all our language and all the images we use about God are inadequate - which is why Jesus is so key to our understanding of God in that he came to reveal the Father to us. Not the Father in all his terror and majesty and splendour, but the Father's character. I once tried to write a song about how our songs aren't big enough to contain God (so rather self-contradictory in the same way that 'Indescribable' is!) and started it with the line 'there is no canvas big enough to paint a picture of your worth' ... decided that was a bit of an odd line to start a worship song with a changed it but tried to keep the concept. I'll post the lyrics below. Free New Worship Songs Free New Worship Songs
VERSE 1 You are God beyond the stars, you are bigger than the skies, you are greater than our minds can comprehend. You are limitless in might, you're the Lord of space and time, you're the uncreated one, without beginning, without end. CHORUS 1 You are glorious, you are glorious, there is no-one who compares with you in the heavens or the earth. VERSE 2 Human words cannot describe the height and depth of who you are, every poem to your praise is incomplete. There's no symphony or song that could bring sufficient praise, there's no harmony so grand, there is no melody so sweet. BRIDGE No painter could portray the wonders of your worth, your splendour fills the skies and echoes through the earth. Our thoughts cannot contain the mystery of your ways, but still our hearts are full with all consuming praise. FINAL CHORUS You are glorious, you are glorious, you are matchless in your majesty, you are infinite in worth. You are glorious. You can find the music here Free New Worship Songs Free New Worship Songs
Wow really great song Matt. Chris
Thanks Chris - I had a look at your web-site today, great songs, looking forward to hearing them when the People's Album comes out! In the Trinity/Forgotten Father thread I posted the lyrics of another song (as yet unrecorded), it's based on Ps 8 which I noticed you posted elsewhere - have a look if you have a moment :) Free New Worship Songs Free New Worship Songs
Great lyrics Matt. Really powerful. Tim
Thanks Tim - I think you heard a very early version of this at the WC retreat I was on, it changed quite a lot after that! Free New Worship Songs Free New Worship Songs