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CompassionArt songs.
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OK, So CompassionArt is officially out now. Anyone started to incorporate any songs in to their worship? The immediate standout song for me is King Of Wonders. Love it. However, the 1st demo of Highly Favoured on the DVD brought me to tears. Incredible words and amazing vocals on it. (great shame they didn't make it to the cd recording). I brought it before the rest of the worship group on sunday afternoon an hour before we were due to play for our Youth Alpha (2nd part of the holy spirit weekend). We stashed oursevles away in a backroom and worked it through with just an accoustic guitar (in Drop D, and in the key of D too). We watched that part of the dvd a couple of times and then worked out the vocal parts from that. What a fantastic song it is. So full of truth. It seemed to go down very well, but they'd not heard us do a three part harmony before. Have to try it out with a full congregation next week. Anyone else started using these songs yet?
Hey Ian, What an album eh!? Here at HTB we've been using 'So Great' and 'We Wont stay Silent' which have been going down well with our congregation. 'King of Wonders' will be a great one to introduce next, incredible words in the chorus. Haven't tryed the Drop D Action yet, might add a completely new feel which might be nice. Cheers Tom

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As the verse and intro for "Highly Favoured" are only D, G, D and A/D (when playing it in D. Capo 5 for album key). I was using the following chords (in Drop D) D = 0,0,0,2,3,0 G = 0,0,0,4,3,3 A/D = 0,0,0,2,2,0 It's a really great sound. Try it out for yourself. The album is a real triumph. Very well done to all involved, and not just in the music front end of things either.
would love to do some of the songs from it but we hardly ever do new songs at our place. we only just introduced 'God of justice' this weekend 4 yrs after its been written!
i love the song "King of the broken", its beautiful. definately going to introduce it. does anyone know what the last line of the 2nd verse (the one Israel H sings)? i cant work it out and its annoying me!
I hope the songs "go up" well, as well as "going down" well ;0) Looking forward to hearing this album and making a little difference by buying it - encourage folks to get their own instead of sharing it round your mates! Did they miss an opportunity for a Christmas Number 1 supergroup release?! (Think BandAid crossover worship lol) John 3.16 --> 1 Jn 3.16 Here is love.
Christus. Cras, hodie, semperque.
Heal us, forgive us, restore our hearts again. Fill us, Breathe upon us.
do you know what the line just before is by any chance? "Lover of the wounded Defender of the weak Friend of the forgotten You are the .... of ....." thanks!
C/O the kingsway website... WE YOUR CHILDREN PRAY LORD Humbly seek Your face We turn from our sin Lord You hear us as we pray Healing King of nations Let your kingdom come Purify Your church Lord Your glory over us Heal us, forgive us Restore our hearts again Fill us, breathe upon us Jesus, Jesus Healer of nations, hope of salvation, (hope of the world) Jesus, Jesus King of our hearts, King of the broken Lover of the wounded Defender of the weak Friend of the forgotten You wipe away our tears Your tears are falling down So, You wipe away our tears, is the elusive line. I'm glad I checked cos it sounds like you are the way of cheese!!!
it would be amusing to try and have a bet about who wrote which song seeing as they are all credited to compassion art. for me if i was a betting man i would bet that virtually every artist is singing the song they co wrote. king of wonder has to be written mainly by matt redman its got his stamp all over it lyrically and melodically! likewise can u imagine anyone but israel houghton writing shout praise?!! even wont stay silent sounds just like a song tim would write. any one care to differ? i know it doesnt matter, its just for fun really.
You have shown Us must be one by Chris Tomlin, its got a very similar approach to the influence to a lot of his other songs.