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Communion Songs?
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Has anyone got any ideas for songs to use around a Communion service? --- Hi everyone, Its communion time again for us (once a month). Has anyone any ideas for songs to use leading up to or during communion? Our old favourite here is "Here is bread", but its starting to wear a bit thin, not that there is anything wrong with the song at all, its just becoming a bit of a ritual for everyone rather than something to help us focus us on what we are about to participate in.
Hey Neil, One of my favourites is "As we gather" by Graham Kendrick ( if you want to take a look! Not a particularly well known one but I like it :) Michael
Hi mate! A few that come to mind are.... Light of the world Servant King (from heaven you came) How deep the Fathers love for us When I survey Here I am (majesty) Broken for me, broken for you Behold the lamb (Townsend) Jesus paid it all Here is love vast as the ocean It's Your blood that saved me Lost in wonder (You chose the cross) majesty worship his majesty Jesus we enthrone you Your blood speaks a better word I stand amazed in the presence The Lord is King (You're alive) This is our God How I love you See his love (this is Jesus) Turn your eyes to Jesus He is Lord In Christ alone All hail the lamb Salvation belongs to our God All heaven declares Happy day (the greatest day in history) Oh Church arise How great thou art And can it be Because of your love (this is how i know what love is) That should be a start!
come on chris whats the matter all out of ideas?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turn my face again towards the cross is a good one also-martyn layzell song
Hi Michael, Thanks for that, this is a new to me. Its always good to try something fresh. Hi Chris, Thanks for the shortlist. Looks like its going to be a long worship session for communion! There are quite a few there I havent heard before, so plenty food for thought. I noticed "Jesus paid it all" in the list, great song that one, havent done it for a while. Hi Gav, Thanks, I havent tried that one before, will have a listen to the CD again. Have done some other Martyn Layzell stuff before.
Chris said it, but behold the lamb is a great one. Done well, it works amazingly! Chat to your vicar. In our C of E church we often take out the Holy, Holy, Holy response and replace with a song, and I'm sure we can think of a few holy songs including. Holy Holy, Holy Holy, Holy, Holy etc Hope that helps!
Another thought I've just had is Oh to see the dawn - don't think that's on Chris' list!
using 'See His Love' this sunday during communion (instrumental though, new song for us :P... we're a bit behind lol) *update* it went really well and fitted in just right during communion today =]
Hey guys, thats quite a list there Chris! It's funny I thought of "See His Love" as soon as I saw this! I also think "Beauty of Your Peace" by Tim Hughes might be another good one (dont think it was on the list :P) God Bless, Jordan =D ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ Exodus 14 vs.14
▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ Romans 8:28
lol I feel really bad now! I didn't realise it was going to be a highlighted thread! Anyway there must be more than this... :P
I will sing the wondrous story? :D