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Over the last two years, we've found co-leading to be very exciting and beneficial in our church. We have several worship leaders, but seemingly never enough to cover our many services, locations, and future church plants. Co-leading has not only been a fun way to lead with others, but a primary way to develop worship leaders. It also shows team leadership and protects it from being about one person. Do others of you have co-leading at your church? What are the values you have for co-leading? What works or doesn't work?
Good thought Caleb. We've found at HTB that this has been an amazing way to train up younger worship leaders. It can also be a great way of sharing the pressure. I've loved at times leading with others; whilst they're leading you can step back and try and press into what God is doing amongst the people. It also allows you time to develop a thought and an idea of where to take the worship next. When it's done well with people you love and trust - I think co-leading is a very exciting way forward. Tim
This coming from a worship leader who has been raised up by another, I can speak form experience when I say that it has helped me grow so much. I think every worship leader can learn from others and Tim is so right about the fact that it takes much of the pressure off of a weekend and gives you a chance to be more aware of where the people are at and how to better lead.
From a congregational point of view I say co-leading also works very well. It adds variety to the service and subtly reminds you it's not about the leader but all about God. Like Tim said you can certainly tell when one of the leaders has been 'pressing in' while the other one is leading as when they start to lead again you can feel they are moving in the direction the spirit wants to go. Not saying that doesn't happen on solo leading, but I think it's more apparent in co-leading.

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Co-Leading has helped me so much in my growth of worship leading. The Tag-team of worship leaders has really worked in our church, spinning ideas off each other and simply working together. It's taught me the process leading up to the meeting e.g. songlist, flow of songs in keys and lyrical content. As well as on stage focus: knowing how to step back when the holy spirit turns up and guide the congregation to meet with God. This has been a real challenge for me this year being at HTB, and having someone alongside me to help has been amazing. 

At one of our services, we put the band in the middle of the room in a circle facing in, with the congregation all around us. When Co-Leading we have both worship leaders facing each other so you can easily keep in contact and switch songs with a nod of the head and mouthing "you go for it". But the most handy thing for me has been if i muck up, just give the Co-Leader a kick to take over and everything's fine......phew!

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I think that co-leading really is a great idea. From previous experience, I've benefited from it, and I really think that the idea is a brilliant one. And Tom - " just give the Co-Leader a kick to take over and everything's fine " I had a good laugh over this! Isn't that the way though ?
We too have started co-leading every week (in the eve service) because.... 1) We HAVE to or we get in trouble with the vicar! :) 2) It takes the focus off one person 3) You can really "feed" off each other and I feel it gives space and freedom to listen to God more 4) It is a great way to develop and train new leaders. One thing we had had to be aware of though is it can be hard for the band to know which persons directions to follow! Suppose that just comes with experience of it and with communicating who might take each song direction. But I prefer to co-lead now than leading alone..... probably because I'm the one who messes up most out of everyone!!
By co-leading, do you mean two (or more!?) people who have probably worked together on some preparation and who give each other space to lead sections of a single worship set? Wulf
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Yup that's what they mean by co-leading. I have only ever heard of two people co-leading. Any more and I think we would start to see dis-economies of scale, due to confusion etc.

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I will say we've been guilty of the tri-lead and I would agree that it approaches a worship circus. I co-led with my good friend Trever last night and I'll just say again how great it is co-leading. I even had a chance to go off stage for a couple songs and take communion before it was my time to lead.
I lead worship for a small church in Arizona, USA where I lead the band every week. I recently had the opportunity to lead/co-lead worship at a conference with another worship leader friend of mine. That combined with a great band really just freed me to worship as well as really lead. Anyhow, I am pro co-leading.