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Baptism Songs?!?
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Well, my brother is getting baptized and there is not any songs we know about that sing about a baptism, or getting baptized. Do any of you know of any songs? Have you written ones? Or if you are reading this and have any time please write a song about baptism! Please help me out, thanks. matt,
Hi Matt Have you spoken to him yet? A lot of folks have a song that is special to them and it's often nice to include it in the baptism service if possible.
Joe "One, two, three, here we go..." ... follow me on Twitter @JJBHargreaves
yes we have, and he can't decided, he likes "Shine jesus shine" but is not sure about it.
Thought about Consuming Fire? Covers off the spirit element of baptism... The other way of thinking about it is not a song about baptism per se, but songs about putting trust in Jesus and publicly proclaiming Him as saviour, which is part of what baptism is about. Would be worth investigating that...
Joe "One, two, three, here we go..." ... follow me on Twitter @JJBHargreaves
Maybe widen your "search criteria" as it were. Really, you want songs about Salvation. After all, baptism is only an outward sign and a symbol for our Salvation. As the Southern Baptists say, "We're buried with Jesus in likeness to his death, and raised to walk in newness of life". Perhaps hymns that reflect this will be of more benefit, especailly to those who arent saved. Nothing wrong with getting some of the classic-contemporary songs like In Christ Alone, or the golden oldies like And Can it Be, Blessed Assurance, and Before the Throne of God Above. Hope I helped!
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Here are some that come to mind: Nothing But The Blood All Who Are Thirsty Take My Life I Remember You (Tim's new one) Came To My Rescue
Lex Buckley did a song called "Wash Me"
Happy Day. The line "you washed my sin away" is very relevant, plus everyone loves to dance to that song at our church so it brings a good celebratory feel to the event :)
Last Easter we did an open air baptism service outside York Minster, and I had the priviledge of leading the sung worship at it; I wrote a song specifically for the event called 'What I'm Living For' which I would be happy to make a lead sheet of if you give me enough notice...? I could also record it if I had even more notice!!! ;-) But I'm sure there are better songs out there than mine.