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As Snowflakes Fall
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This is a song i wrote a few months back, based on creation, and just marvelling on the beauty of Gods creation really and worshipping him for it. It is always so awesome when you see something so inspiring and beautiful, and then think, man, God made that! So i wanted to write a song that people would be able to relate to that would really praise God for his beautiful works. I recorded it with a friend of mine, since recording it i have changed little bits slightly but nothing major, let me know what you think and stuff. Good and bad thoughts would be greatly appreciated :) God bless, Gaz Simmonds

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Hi Gaz, I feel very unqualified to comment but here goes.... I really like the imagery you have used it really makes you think and reflect as you listen. I personally see it as a "sing to" rather than a Congregational song, I could imagine this working really well with visuals... The only thing I was not really sure was "your beauty is where is take my refuge" bit... in the psalms it seems to speak of Gods refuge as a "strong tower, fortress, deliverer or rock etc... rather than beauty. (Psalm 18:2) "The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." Hope that kind of helps! P.S. Your guitar sounds well good! :)
Hi Chris, cheers for the comments :) Yeh its defiantly not a congregational song, i tottally agree! Regarding the "your beauty is where is take my refuge", i guess in a way that was a line more from personal experiences, just because for me, when i am say out in the country or somewhere right in the midst of Gods creation, it is often where i feel closest to God, as it is easy to get caught up with earthly things n stuff, but for me to then take time out to go and just 'chill' with the things that man couldn't of dream of making, gives me the sense of running back to God, and taking refuge in the things he made for us to worship him for. If that makes any kind of sense?! But i completely understand where you're coming from n stuff. :) Cheers for taking the time to listen n stuff man. God Bless, Gaz
Robert Hillcox Hiya Gaz… What a beautiful song you have written, Its absolutely wonderful. Well done mate. God Bless your ministry.
Robert Hillcox
Hey Gaz, Great song, nice and peaceful and I love the imagery you've used throughout it, it's fantastic. Couldn't think of anything to suggest but I really enjoyed listening :) Thanks for sharing it! Take care, Michael