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Alpha Worship Sets
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We're trying to put together our Alpha Worship Set for this session's Alpha class. Would any of you be willing to share your full set list with me to get a feel for what songs you're using? Grace and peace, ECC
Hey Eric I'll try and post ours after the weekend Al
Hi Erik, I work with Al at HTB as one of the worship leaders. One of my responsibilities is leading worship on Alpha. Here is the list of songs we did last term: WEEK 1 O LORD MY GOD (A) HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD (A) WEEK 2 HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD (A) AMAZING GRACE (E) WEEK 3 O LORD MY GOD (A) EVERLASTING GOD (A) WEEK 4 EVERLASTING GOD (A) HERE I AM TO WORSHIP (E) WEEK 5 AMAZING GRACE (E) HERE I AM TO WORSHIP (E) WEEK 6 O LORD MY GOD (A) I STAND AMAZED (G) WEEKEND AWAY O LORD MY GOD (A) HAPPY DAY (C) BLESSED BE YOUR NAME (B)/(A) LOVE CAME DOWN (A) MIGHTY TO SAVE (A) HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD (A) CONSUMING FIRE (G) THE STAND (A) THIS IS MY DESIRE (G) I STAND AMAZED (G) I WILL OFFER UP MY LIFE (D) WEEK 7 BLESSED BE YOUR NAME (A) MIGHTY TO SAVE (A) WEEK 8 BLESSED BE YOUR NAME (A) HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD (A) WEEK 9 O LORD MY GOD (A) MIGHTY TO SAVE (A) HERE I AM TO WORSHIP (E) WEEK 10 EVERLASTING GOD (A) MIGHTY TO SAVE (A) I STAND AMAZED (G) WEEK 11 BLESSED BE YOUR NAME (A) EVERLASTING GOD (A) AMAZING GRACE (G) In the first few weeks we try and use a hymn and a contemporary song. We do this mix specifically because people might recognize a hymn from when they were at school or in church previously, but we also don't want them to be shocked by a modern song on a sunday. We also try and sing songs that are more objective at the start of the course e.g. O Lord my God or The splendour of the King. The guests then don't feel pushed into singing something they're not ready to sing or believe e.g. Here I am to worship As the course goes on we use more songs and the weekend is a time when we really branch out by using songs that we're doing in church at that time. I hope that helps. Thanks, Luke