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Good God, Bad God? Training Day

Good God, Bad God? Training Day

27 Apr 2009
We are very excited about an upcoming event hosted by St Paul's Theological Centre and RZIM Zacharias Trust at St Paul's Hammersmith. The Apologetics Training Day “Good God, Bad God? Vital Questions in a Confused World” is aimed at developing a confident faith that doesn't duck the hard questions and is able to speak wisdom into some of today's vital issues. Religion is in the public eye more than ever and at this event some of today’s best Christian teachers will be discussing how conversation often turns to questions of faith. Why does God seem to command genocide in the Bible? Won't science ultimately destroy faith? Doesn't evolution explain everything? Main speakers include Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing, Michel Lloyd, Graham Tomlin and Alister McGrath. Venue: St Paul's Hammersmith Queen Caroline St London W6 9PJ Cost: £20 (£15 for students and unemployed) - please note that this does not include lunch. Date: 9 May 2009 To register for the event and for more information please visit This event promises to be a very interesting and useful day in building a confident faith at a time when it is on the public agenda more than ever.

arghh my mates wedding is the same day! are they doing any others?

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