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Open to God's change

17 Dec 2007
Well here's part 2 of the trilogy!..Read more

Overwhelmed by God's glory

12 Dec 2007
Recently I spoke from Isaiah 6 on worship, identifying 3 key things that happen as God’s people gather to worship. Here’s the first instalment of the trilogy!..Read more

What Kind of Throne

5 Dec 2007
Our friend Joel Payne has written a fantastic worship song, particularly great for the Christmas season. Below are some of his thoughts on writing the song. Enjoy!..Read more

Hug a techie week!

14 Nov 2007
I've just got back from a worship conference in Seattle, America. In a seminar I was involved in the issue of relationships between worship teams and sound engineers was raised...Read more

The Greatest Vid in History

29 Oct 2007
At Worship Central on Saturday we showed a video of 2 cheeky chappies doing an amazing version of 'Happy Day.'  To enjoy click here. ..Read more

Fatherhood II

10 Oct 2007
Last Tuesday, 2 October my little girl Phoebe Joy entered the world, weighing 8 lbs 8 and looking totally gorgeous...Read more

Chapter One

Chapter One

10 Sep 2007
Some of you might know that I've recently written a little devotional book called 'Holding Nothing Back.' The American version contains images and design to go with the content...Read more

New Trends in Music

16 Aug 2007
Below is an extract from an American Newspaper objecting to new trends in church music...Read more


2 Aug 2007
How to be a worship leader without being a donkey...Read more

Ultimate Ears

24 Jul 2007
Recently on a trip to America I picked up a set of in-ear monitors. They're called 'Ultimate Ears,' and I'm absolutely loving them...Read more

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